Friday, 11 May 2012


Speaking of fitness, my muscles of upper back hurt, oh so good, and I have two stomach muscles now, instead of just one. If I can get my diet right I might just be able to get rid of the Mid Padding and maybe have a shadow of a six-pack

After my work-out tonight it will have been eight weeks without missing a single session. Two more weeks to go and the ten week program will be done.

I will take a week off, but at one point I need to do a test to see if I can move up to a higher level of training. I have to be able to do:

5 unassisted pull-ups, holding 2 seconds at the top and 2 seconds at the bottom (Back and arm test)
24 alternating one leg squats (Leg test)
3 minutes static push up (Chest, arms and core test)
I know I can do the squats. My legs have never been a problem area.
I think I can do the static push-up, but I have never tried it.
I hope I can do the pull-ups. This has always been my weak area. I will just have to concentrate and work my arse off in the sessions where my back muscles are used.