Monday, 5 December 2011

Boob Painting in Daegu

I am so far behind in my photos editing and posting, and this post demonstrates just how bad it is.

The Daegu International Body Painting Festival is held in August and only now, in December, am I editing the photos. I took about 600 photos on the day, managed to bring it down to about 250 and ended up posting 80 or so to Flickr. Knowing that I have months of photos to catch up on does not make me all that more willing edit.

The first few photos are of the artists are and the art being created. Yes, I know that in these four I have a lot of boobs, but anyone who says that there is no erotic element to this is lying to themselves. In the photo set I have more photos that are have fewer boobs in them, or you can wait for the 4 I will post tomorrow.